One day I hope you will have the pleasure of writing a testimonial for Hayley. This will mean that you have experienced your body and mind transform in the best ways. Briefly put, Hayley is a well-trained and deeply intuitive healer.

I have worked with her two times a week in private sessions for the past six months. My sessions usually begin on the floor with breathing techniques. A disciplined series of movements follow, some of them yoga poses. Different from typical yoga classes and very helpful, she uses touch, massage, stretching and other physical cues to encourage, activate and move your body into new positions and, with enough repetition, to retrain your body into greater mobility, range of motion, strength and balance. Her use of touch dramatically increases the learning benefit because the poses are exactly adjusted and additional neural paths are engaged. I do not know how one would experience that level of refinement without such close attention from her. From session to session, the postures and movements become more challenging. What is remarkable is that I have never been sore after the session or the day after. I feel energized and a sense of expanded potential, not too much, not too little. Some of the movements can be subtle and, in the beginning, I would think that there should be more effort or speed. Later, I realized that the subtlety and slow control allowed greater range of motion and deep changes in the muscles, all without pain. When more challenge is given, I am prepared. At this point, somewhat mysteriously, there is the feeling of having a linked together, natural body; whereas, before I felt like a mass of unconscious, separate lumps. As a corollary, there is a large, positive psychological effect.

Depending on the day, she uses a whole battery of smells, oils, lotions, smudging, sounds and music, which enhance the meditative field of the session.

While many of these techniques are familiar to physical therapy and yoga, in her practice, she has re-formed them into a uniquely healing and regenerative process. A gentle and generous person, she is formidable in her determination and vision for each session. She is totally committed to her work with you.
— Winston Chappell, Pacific Palisades, CA

Working with Hayley has been incredibly beneficial. She has been able to combine my need for a relaxing and nurturing experience with a therapeutic and physically corrective one. I believe this comes from her particular and unique understanding of how the human body needs to heal—an outcome of her years of education and therapeutic work. Her approach is neither typical of physical therapists nor massage therapists that I have worked with previously; and as a result, she has helped me in a way no one else has in my many years of dealing with structural and muscular issues.
— Joan B., Brentwood, CA

Hayley Babbitt is a fairy who dwells on cloud-nine of heaven. With her healing hands and studies of the human body, coupled with a rare gift of touch and intuition of the human mind, she rescued me from a diagnosis of three “failed” spine surgeries, to quote the doctor at The UCLA Pain Clinic: two back surgeries; one spinal fusion performed at the UCLA Spine Center.

Before I got into Hayley’s hands, I was faced with a future of walker and wheel chair: “Most people your age are in walkers or wheel chairs,” assured my young surgeon when he informed me two surgeries had failed. That was 12 years ago.

Today, after two years of “Hayley’s Therapy” — massaging, pressing, pushing, palpating, kneading and at times even using her body to help re-align my skeletal frame — muscle, bone, disc, nerve, ligaments from, literally, the top of my head to the bones and tendons of my toes, most of the positions based in yoga — I am now, at 86, walking, swimming, gardening, traveling, writing, cooking, driving, entertaining and standing tall on my own two feet!

For years I had been practicing Yoga in class but I was to discover with Hayley’s Therapy, the positions I was attempting, were all out of line. Ergo, I was repeating the same unaligned poses, causing me even more pain and suffering when transcendence from pain and the limitations it caused me were my reason for seeking Yoga.

Hayley’s “scaffolding” — using her body to teach my body by stabilizing me in correct alignment while her fingers and hands work magically, continuously, pressing, pressuring and massaging sore muscles, vertebra, sciatic nerve, arthritis — knowing where to deep-knead, even when the out-of-line structure (my fusion) or pain seem to be elsewhere. She knows where to touch because she has studied the corresponding, underlying muscles, bones, the nervous system, and through her knowledge of anatomy and physiology she understands how the human body works. She seems to “know” and intuit why and where things have gone array, and how to help correct it to alleviate pain.

For a natural born healer to also have academic knowledge of Western Medicine plus a passion for Yoga and a deep understanding of human suffering, Hayley is a rare, compassionate, loving, gifted fairy, who, after a session with her, will make you feel it is good to be alive, breathing deeply and even feeling exhaustingly exhilarated. You will have had a work out!

I have Hayley to thank for my freedom and independence: I will soon be traveling to New Haven to enjoy one granddaughter’s graduation from college, to USC for another granddaughter’s graduation, planning a wedding at my home for the eldest granddaughter later this year and remodeling my downstairs guest bathroom for my future guests.

And all without wheels.
— Judith Kanner, Brentwood, CA

Hayley brings an open heart and mind, a deep understanding of the human body, and extensive experience in physical therapy and yoga to her sessions with clients. I feel fortunate to have been introduced to her magic touch.
Hayley adjusts the balance between “table work” and yoga to the needs of each client and changes procedures over time. I look forward to my weekly sessions both because of the warmth of her personality and because I know that when she leaves, there will be a glow throughout my body.
— Margy Kivelson, Pacific Palisades, CA

I am writing with my deepest feelings of appreciation for having shared Hayley’s healing hands & presence. In addition to all of her training - physical therapy, yoga instructing, sport / injury rehab etc. - the meditation of wellness she offers makes her a very rare, ‘healer,’ indeed!

While one might not totally regenerate a torn rotator cuff, Hayley gave me such an improved shoulder, and total mind-body experience! I have a different gait, and consciousness of the way I walk… to the way I breathe!

Hayley’s talent goes beyond any diploma, and her laugh and smile light up the room, whenever she enters. Knowing her has been my pleasure, and privilege.
— George Surratt, Santa Monica, CA

I highly recommend sessions with Hayley! Meeting and working with her has been such a blessing. She has an innate understanding of how to work with your energy. I’ve seen her 1-2x per week for yoga and bodywork for the past year and it has changed my life. I’m calmer, leaner and feel like I’ve developed a much more compassionate relationship with myself and my body. I walk away from each session with Hayley feeling lighter and more in touch with myself. She’s an exceptional teacher with a huge heart. Be ready for some very positive changes in your life!
— Danielle Gilbert, Los Angeles, CA

I am blessed to have had Hayley as one of my very first yoga instructors. She helped me find stillness within and inspired me to grow my yoga practice. Hayley is genuine and her heart pours in to every class she guides. She has a uniqueness that I can’t quite put into words but lead me back to her classes time and time again. Her energy is contagious and her kindness is true. She intuitively guides her students to connect to their highest self through breath work and movement.

While Hayley lived near me, I attended her Sunday evening classes regularly as a way to start my week off right. I always left feeling centered and more aware of the compassion in my own heart. Recently I had the opportunity for a personal bodywork session with Hayley while she was visiting Michigan. The one-on-one session was a way to relax, let go and listen in. Her personality is approachable and non-judgmental, and she tailored the session to fit me, specifically. I felt comfortable opening up about my life, my goals and my struggles. I felt pampered through the bodywork session. A wonderful way to recharge the light within.”
— Melissa Olinghouse, Muskegon, MI

Hayley. A ray of sunshine and warmth. She exudes peace or chaos, whichever your soul is needing to come to terms with. An instrumental person in my journey into yoga and myself. Hayley instilled in me a love of yoga by patiently teaching me posture and reminding me to breathe into every asana and situation, on or off the mat. Writing about her spirit and gifts brings tears of joy to my eyes. Her practice is always full of surprises and great meaning. Her gift is to share these passions and to awaken the mind, body and spirit. I recently had the opportunity to feel her healing hands through “magical” bodywork; that’s the one word that can describe my experience. In those hours of her loving hands, I felt renewed and inspired. I’m truly blessed to have her with me in this life’s journey.
— Heather Newmeyer, Muskegon, MI